Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Here are questions to ask yourself to consider whether or not it is time to make the decision of downsizing.

1. Am I mobile?
2. Can I still work in the garden?
3. Can I cut the grass or shovel the snow?
4. Do I need help doing things such as dressing, walking, bathing?
5. Can I go shopping by myself?
6. Can I look after my own banking and bill payments?
7. Am I comfortable living here (alone)?
8. Do I have problems going up or down stairs?
9. Am I a prisoner in my own house?
10. Do I have independent outings?
11. Can I clean this house? Do I want to?
12. Can I do laundry? Do I want to?
13. Is this house too big for me?
14. Do I truly enjoy my house?
15. Does the house need expensive repairs?
16. Is the house in need of modernization?
17. Has the neighbourhood changed? Do I still like it?
18. What would be better if I moved?
19. Why should I stay?

The Wilson Team can help you explore your options whether to stay in your home & bring in assistance or look at downsizing to something more manageable that suits your needs now and in the future.